Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

The list of things to do before winter comes can become quite long for some homeowners.  The storage of gardening tools, emptying the gas in the lawnmower, cleaning the gutters, among many other things that are very specific for your home can keep you busy for the next few weekends.  The checklist … [Read More...]


Types of Foundation Repair for Homes

Discovering cracks in your home’s foundation requires locating the root source to repair and help prevent further damage. Foundation shrinkage, settling, and even natural disasters such as earthquakes cause cracks to form. Sealants and Patches Repairing small narrow cracks with patches or … [Read More...]

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Preparing Your Home For Winter?

Getting your home ready for winter during the fall months is an activity we all do as homeowners.  … [Read More...]


Basement Waterproofing Systems

With all the rain we have seen in Northeast Ohio, water seeping into the basement is a fear many … [Read More...]

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Protect Yourself From Water In Your Basement

The standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood insurance.  As a … [Read More...]


Do You Need Help Buying Your First Home?

Are you trying to buy your first home?  According to The National … [Read More...]


Being Smart About Your Basement Waterproofing

There’s nothing more upsetting than finding water leaking into your … [Read More...]

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How Does Waterproofing Basement Improve Home Value?

There are many ways that a homeowner can improve home value. This can make a home more appealing to buyers when the time comes, or this can simply make your home more attractive to live in. If there are any issues with the basement area of your home, this can affect the value and appeal of your home … [Read More...]


Extreme Cold Can Crack Home Foundation

Extreme Cold Can Crack Home Foundation Just like extreme heat can affect the foundation of your home, extreme cold can cause cracks in a home foundation as well. There are symptoms this is occurring around your home, and knowing the early warning signs can mean the difference between a small spot … [Read More...]


Small Basement Foundation Cracks Can Lead To Basement Water Damage

The small cracks in the foundation of your home may seem like just a minor nuisance, but even small amounts of water seepage can cause serious damage to your basement. That corner of the basement that always gets damp when it rains? There could be a lot more going on there than you're aware … [Read More...]


Does a Dry Basement Affect the Value of Your Home?

With the unpredictability of the real estate market over the last decade, few things have a real and calculable effect on your home’s value like waterproofing the basement. According to the New York Times water penetration, even a small amount will negatively affect the value of a home. But there’s … [Read More...]